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04:28 p. m.

Right now, I’m reading the paperback “Bert Stern – The Last Sitting” while I continue writing the article on those last sessions. One obstacle, though, is the language. Since I want to get all the quotes right and the paperback is written in German, I have ordered “The Complete Last Sitting” from the library. I just now called the woman in charge at the library, and she told me that the book will possibly arrive in a week or so. Until now I have written a total of 781 words, and the finished article will most likely be 1.000 words long.

Then, regarding the Stuttgarter Kreativtreff that I wrote about here, I gave it a second chance and took over as an organizer for another month. I am about to schedule a second meeting in the evening, also at the OhJulia in Stuttgart & am hoping that there will be more people this time.

Oh, and before I forget it: My application for a job at the Stuttgarter Nachrichten was not answered. I already experienced this with the Stuttgarter Zeitung, and although I personally find it impolite, there’s nothing I can do about it. I have no desire whatsoever to call them.


Walt Disney Studios

After emailing an inquiry regarding the posting of several stills from “Iron Man” (2008), I got an answer from Walt Disney Studios as well as a link to this page. Now I will have to read all of this carefully.

P. S.: Found a contact at Marvel Studios and sent them a request.

Writing attempts

Besides blogging & writing articles for FMX, I have started a draft of a science fiction short story. So far, I have completed some five pages, and I don’t know how the story shall continue. For my very first attempt at writing a short story, this is not so bad. I even managed to incorporate some dialogue. My problem right now is basically that I want this story to be as convincing as possible. It’s situated in Provo, Utah. The two protagonists are sitting inside a pizzeria & and the male character is about to explain how he got there. Hmmm, difficult.