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04:55 p. m.

Right now I’m so busy writing my short story/novel that I’m only marginally interested in photography & image processing. I discovered much to my surprise that I enjoy writing stories, especially dialogues. On Thursday, I made an inquiry regarding the possible donation for a better camera, but the person in charge hasn’t heard any thing from the Stuttgarter Zeitung, yet, so I have to be patient.

And: Last Wednesday evening was the second meetup of the Stuttgarter Kreativtreff that I founded. Only four people – including me – were there. One man brought his wife, and there was another woman. Unfortunately this man was talking uninterruptedly, which I didn’t like too much, and so I was glad when our meetup was over. I’m still undecided on how to continue. Shall I schedule a third meeting? Will there be more people? After all, more than sixty (!) people registered on for this meetup. This is very disappointing. I wonder what all those people are expecting if they don’t show up at the meetup? Hmmm. One woman wrote that usually no more than ten people show up, no matter how many have registered.

This afternoon, a few people from the apartment building where I live had coffee and cake outside in the backyard, and since I wanted to get out of my apartment, I joined them. The conversation was unfortunately not so demanding, so I left after I had had my cake & coffee. That’s why I founded the Kreativtreff. I want to enjoy conversation on a somewhat higher level.


Modifying an image with ImageMagick II


This is about the look I’m after. Still there is some improvement to be done. Software used: ImageMagick & Gimp 2.10. The pattern was generated using an ImageMagick shell script (see here). After that I made some editing using Gimp 2.10 in order to improve the result.

Bottom line: With ImageMagick one can accomplish very sophisticated things. The downside (if one can call it that): There’s some (in some cases a lot) of math and scripting involved. So this is clearly not for beginners. Conversion from one format to another is easy, though – easier that to open the Gimp or Photoshop or whatever editor you’re using.

A simple example for image conversion from PNG to JPG:

'convert -density 300 -quality 90 [image_name].png [image_name].jpg'

Compositing cracks

Original photo ©

After discovering an image with cracks on Pinterest, I got the idea to do some compositing using a photograph that I downloaded (and payed for) from Actually, I want to use this image as a reference for character modeling. It may not show, but this is comparably easy. The key is the layer mode “multiply”. For more, see this tutorial, actually for Pixlr, but I used the Gimp 2.10.

Facebook & Twitter

I dislike both Facebook & Twitter. Why? It’s hard to say. I just feel uncomfortable using them. Consequently, I have deleted both accounts. Plus, Instagram, which belongs to Facebook, invites its users to infringe copyright. After an inquiry of mine I got an answer from VG Bild-Kunst here in Germany, saying that embedding Instagram posts is an infringement of copyright. So, I’m asking myself, why does Instagram explicitly (!) provide a link for that purpose? They must know about the legal consequences.

Interesting: In the Instagram Terms of Use, the word copyright doesn’t appear – not once.

Good news

GUI version of ImageMagick

Although ImageMagick is basically invoked via shell (text console), there is a rudimentary version with GUI (graphical user interface) available (see screenshot above). Luckily, this GUI version does support compositing and mattes. To access the GUI of ImageMagick, just open a shell and type “display”. Then the ImageMagick logo with the wizard appears. Click on that, and the GUI is there alright.

Crane at sunset

“Crane at sunset” © Coypright 2019 by Claus Cyrny

I just wanted to post this very experimental photo that actually wasn’t supposed to look like that. Due to the fading daylight, I had to use a very long exposure time & although I tried my very best, couldn’t hold the camera straight. I really love the effect, though.

Gimp 2.10 vs. Photoshop CS2: The lasso tool

During my work on editing a photograph of New York City, I have switched from brushes to the lasso tool. I’m using GImp 2.10 here, and I’m really excited. Working with this tool is so much better than in Photoshop CS2 that it’s really a pleasure. I personally find navigating in Gimp way easier than in Photoshop. Zooming is also easier: one simply has to press ‘+’ or ‘-‘ to zoom in or out. And: One can use the mouse wheel to pan the view.

And: I’m tired of the question: Which one is better? Gimp or Photoshop? Imho, they complement each other beautifully.