Compositing: Eclipse 3.1.4

“Chicago Flood” © Copyright by Thomas Herbrich. Reprinted with permission.

In 2002, I bought a copy of the German computer magazine, “PC Direkt” that doesn’t exist anymore. On the CD which came with the magazine, a demo version of the compositing software, Eclipse by Form & Vision in Frankfurt was included. Unfortunately, Form & Vision went bankrupt, so that Eclipse is no longer available. Now I found a review of Eclipse & translated it into English, using Google Translate. You can find the English version here. I would love to make this demo version available for download, and I sent an inquiry via email to the German magazine,, but they advised me to consult a lawyer. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money for that. I think that Eclipse is designed for pros (when it was still available in 2001, at the time of said review, the full version cost around DM 3,000.-, which was more expensive than Photoshop at that time). The demo version has certain limitations; it works with images up to 1,600 x 1,600 pixels. For the full version, one needs a license key. This demo is available for Windows. Running it with Wine didn’t work on my Ubuntu PC (18.04), though. Today (08/25/2019), I successfully installed Eclipse 3.1.4 on my PC (see screenshot below).

Interface of Eclipse 3.1.4 on Ubuntu Linux/Wine.

The interface of Eclipse 3.1.4 is in English. Eclipse supports both RGB and CMYK.


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