Daily Archives: August 21, 2019

Making money: Another attempt

After a talk with an acquaintance of mine, I made another attempt to sell two paintings and one drawing on Facebook. I realized that I am supposed to be more patient with this. Attempts to sell something on Ebay failed unfortunately. Hmmm, maybe this time.


Again: Bert Stern

Right now, I’m writing a longer post on photographer, Bert Stern. So far, I have written some 422 words. I also re-read the paperback I possess (“Bert Stern – The Last Sitting”). In addition, I discovered a post on those very sessions on another blog. There are several photographs included, but no copyright remark. I feel somehow that I’m about the only blogger who uses copyright remarks & bylines. I frankly haven’t seen them anywhere else, so far. In the meantime, I am in touch with Bert Stern Productions LLC & am really happy that this came about. I estimate that the post will appear here in a few days or so.

There are two films by Bert Stern or on Bert Stern available: “Jazz On A Summer’s Day” (1958), about the Newport Jazz Festival, and “Bert Stern – Original Madman”, a documentary from 2011 by Shannah Laumeister Stern.

Photoshop and the Gimp

Interface of Photoshop CS2 on Ubuntu Linux

I just cannot understand the question: What program is better? Photoshop or the GImp? Photoshop, of course. Even if the Gimp catches up, Photoshop simply has much more possibilities. I also cannot understand why people want the Gimp to look like Photoshop. Imho, although both programs are bitmap editors, the general approach is different for the two of them. I like the Gimp as it is, with its two (or three) windows. This, I feel, is really very flexible. (In Gimp 2.10, a single-window mode is avaiable.) One thing I miss in Photoshop is this context menu (or whatever it is called) that pops up when right-clicking in the Gimp. Sometimes, when I am working with Photoshop, I automatically right-click in order for the (not available) context menu to pop up. Personally, I like both programs, and although I do have much more experience using the Gimp (2.8 and the latest release, 2.10), I enjoy working with Photoshop CS2 more and more. All in all, I have three bitmap editors installed: Gimp 2.8 (which has a number of fancy filters that 2.10 doesn’t have), then Gimp 2.10 using Snap, and: Photoshop CS2 with Wine. Maybe I will keep sharing my experience with the two (or three) different programs with you.


“FMX press flag” © Copyright 2018 by Claus Cyrny

I have been with FMX for twelve years now, and although I couldn’t attend this year for personal reasons, I’m really grateful that I am able to participate in this annual “Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Immersive Media” that takes place inside the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart. After an inquiry of mine, Mrs. Steller who is the FMX’s press coordinator accredited me as a journalist. Visiting this conference acquainted me with visual fx, high-end graphics & animation & made me much more quality-conscious.