03:32 p. m.

On my trip to Stuttgart today I went to Wittwer bookstore & asked if they had a biography of Richard Avedon, but no, there were only illustrated books available. So I looked into several other books in the department on photography. Amongt the books was “SUMO” by Helmut Newton, whose photographs I don’t like too much. Despite the facts that they are elaborately shot, they seem to me somewhat “cold” and “calculated”. Another book consisted of portaits by August Sander. This I liked more, but the people all looked so earnest; no-one was laughing.

I can not help it but I feel that the days of “conventional” photography are numbered. Imho, it’s not merely enough to use a digital camera, but to embrace the possibilities of digital media, such as bitmap editing, compositing, 3D, even animation in order to achieve a new artistic freedom.