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Today, I went to the local library because they have the biography “Franziska zu Reventlow” by Gunna Wendt available. So I borrowed the book, which I would like to read just now. I vaguely remember that I read this biography a while ago (I love biographies) & am looking forward to reading it again.


Installing Internet Explorer 11 on Ubuntu 18.04

So, in order to install the demo version of CorelDRAW I had no choice but to download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows, since presently I have only a rudimentary version of Internet Explorer installed, which comes with Wine, and this version apparently doesn’t support JavaScript. After performing a Google search, I discovered this page, where I was notified that

I know that. So, what I did was to check the last option. Then Firefoxt downloaded the installer. I had to select the option ‘Open with Wine’, like that:

After the successful download, the installer started, but not for long, because I was notified that Internet Explorer 11 needed an update, which I should install manually. I then was redirected to the following page. My! This is anything but comfortable. Right now, I have no idea on how to proceed further.

Installing CorelDRAW on Ubuntu 18.04

Error message after an attempt of mine to install a demo version of CorelDRAW on Ubuntu 18.04

This annoying window pops up after I had unsuccessfully tried to install a demo version of the current version of CorelDRAW. The problem is that this window cannot be closed. I will have to restart my PC in order to get rid of it. Additionally, although I did get a response from Corel support after writing them an email, they simply didn’t give time to my arguments. Instead, they merely sent me (unnecessarily) a link to the system requirements for CoreDRAW. So, I wrote them another email & hopefully I’ll get a better response this time.

Portraits: Courbet & Feuerbach

Gustave Courbet: “Portrait Mme Charles Maquet” (1856). Staatsgalerie Stuttgart.

When I was at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart today, I visited this beautiful portrait by Gustave Courbet (1819 – 1877). Also in possession of the Staatsgalerie is another, in many respects similar portrait by Anselm Feuerbach. It shows Feuerbach’s short-term lover, Italian Nanna Risi.

Anselm Feuerbach: “Nanna” (1861). Staatsgalerie Stuttgart.

02:15 p. m.

Have been to Stuttgart where I first went to the Holanka Bar where I had the usual cappuccino with cream (they know me by now) and a Mandelberg. Then I inquired about a book on creativity, but couldn’t find what I was looking for. The woman at Wittwer bookstore recommended “The Artists’s Way” by Julia Cameron, but I actually wanted a book with a collection of essays on the creative process. In the Mark Rothko biography written by James E. B. Breslin, the painter was said to have been influenced by “The Birth Of Tragedy” (original title: “Die Geburt der Tragödie”) by philosopher, Friedrich Nietsche. I once tried to read this book, but gave up immediately because the language of Nietzsche is not very easy to read (to say the least). And because I don’t have the money anyway, I left Wittwer without purchasing a book. Then, after the somewhat disillusioning appointment at Kästner Optik yesterday, I walked through the Calwer Strasse in order to find another store that would probably exhibit photographs. I didn’t find one, though. Instead, I passed the photo gallery LUMAS where there was a large-format photograph by Isabelle Menin for € 1,499.- inside the shop window. Isn’t this a bit overpriced? I asked myself. Hmmm, I don’t know, being not too familiar (yet) with the prices for photographs on the market. Anyway, after that I went down the Königstrasse, until I passed the shop windows of Kästner Optik. Just for kicks, I took a look at all four shop windows, and I simply cannot comprehend why Mrs. Heinitz told me yesterday that 12 photographs were not enough. What is going on here? Hmm, I don’t have to understand everything. So, after that I went briefly to the Staatsgalerie, where the entrance is free of charge on Wednesdays, but I didn’t feel too comfortable there, probably because i was alone. So I took the next train back to Ludwigsburg, where I am right now sitting at my PC writing this post.

08:47 a. m.

After emailing several inquiries regarding copyright clearance, I am listening to Django Reinhardt’s rendition of “I Love You (For Sentimental Reasons)” & am drinking a (not-so strong) coffee. I wonder what could be the matter with my Philips coffee machine, since most of the time, the coffee is really good & as strong as it should be.