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My photographs 2002 – 2008

“Mannequin”. © Copyright 2002 -2008 by Claus Cyrny

After uploading a few of my old photographs on Instagram, I realized that the resolution of those photographs is not too great. The reason for this is that I shot them using film (Fujichrome Sensia 200). I do have high-res scans of them, but I should have used, say, a film with 50 ASA instead, in order to get a sharper slide. Afterwards, one is always smarter. Since I had no tripod, then, and since I shot those photographs in the late afternoon when it was already getting darker, I was forced to use 200 ASA film.


Interface of the Gimp 2.10: Variations

Variation 1: “Old” design (taken from Gimp 2.8).
Variation 2: Medium Gray interface with “old” icon set.

Thought of posting all 32 variations, but that would be a little too much. 🙂 Now, I decided to give the variation 2 a try.

Since the icon theme can be changed separately (‘Preferences > Interface > IconTheme’), there are in addition to the “old” icon theme two further themes in light gray & dark gray available, but I personally don’t like those themes too much. I’m having difficulties to orientate myself properly.

Here are those two icon sets anyway:

Variation 3: Light gray icon set.
Variation 4: Dark gray icon set.

But, as I think of it: One can get used to those new (and a bit more “modern”) icons if one really wants to.

And – to conclude this post – there’s combination that doesn’t work so well:

Variation 5: Theme: “Dark”; icons: “Symbolic Inverted”.

The icon set is almost invisible here. So, my recommendation would be: Don’t use it.

The interface of the Gimp: Old and new

My “old” interface of the Gimp 2.10 …
… and the newly developed dark interface of the Gimp 2.10 with single-window mode, which vaguely resembles the interface of Photoshop CC.

With the Gimp 2.10, both versions are possible. All in all there are 32 possibilities to configure the interface: four themes, four icon themes, and the single-window mode.

Forbidden tags on WordPress?

Whie I was writing & editing my last post, I got a strange error message I can’t replicate. Basically it was a notification that I cannot use certain tags. Hmmm, strange. Are tags such as PNG or JPG not allowed here on WordPress?

P. S.: In the meantime, I was able to assign the tags I mentioned to this post. Hmmm, what is this? Was it a category I couldn’t use?

Animated GIF

An animated GIF

Actually rather small, I created this animated GIF in 1998 for a German company. I was using the 3D program, SoftFX, then. I agreed to get DM 100.-, of which I only got DM 50.-. This GIF is taken from the glossary I wrote about. SoftFX was really easy to use. As I was completely new using a 3D modeler, right now I’m really surprised what I achieved back then. (Blender is far more complicated, but it also has way more posibilities.)