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3D text

This is another attempt of mine to create some 3D text using both Photoshop CS2 & the Gimp 2.10. I switched back and forth between Photoshop & the Gimp here. Am still not satisfied with the result because there are artifacts in the text, like this:

This happened after I applied a color curve to the text (Photoshop). I even tried to use a color depth of 16-bit here but the result was the same. Usually, one can use color curves to add a chromium effect to metallic text, like this:

Color curve in Photoshop CS2

A good example of 3D text can be found on Unsplash:

Photo by Nikhil Mitra on Unsplash

This is, alas, merely a photograph of a wooden letter. It can be done using a 3D program. I doubt, though, if this would be possible using Photoshop.



In addition to my exhibition this fall, I can probably show my photographs inside the shop windows of Stuttgart optician, Kästner. At first, I wrote them an email that I could exhibit five photographs, which is not enough for the shop windows in question. Now, that I am going to have ten photographs framed, maybe I have a chance to exhibit them. This looks promising.

P. S.: I got another email from Kästner that I should make an appointment, so that we can talk things over. I’m really glad that this came about.

02:42 p. m.

Image by William Iven from Pixabay

As I am beginning to realize, sites such as Pixabay open up completely new horizons for bloggers. This photograph above reminds me of the fact that, roughly one year ago, I was thinking about getting a semi-acoustic electric guitar & amplifier. I even am on the waiting list of a guitar teacher here in Ludwigsburg, but I haven’t heard from him again now for a year or so. Right now, a) I cannot afford to have guitar lessons, and b) my focus is now mainly on photography.

02:01 p. m.

Right now, it is raining heavily while my coffee machine has luckily caught itself again. (Hmm, is this proper English?) As I wrote, I decided to work more using Photoshop CS2 (on Ubuntu Linux, that is), but I immediately encountered a problem when trying tgo create some 3D text with bevels. With the Gimp, this is no problem as all, but when using Photoshop, I couldn’t apply a so-called bump map to the layer with the text’s color (in this case, golden). Hmmm. Now I will have to look for a Photoshop forum where I can ask for help. And: I got an email from VVS, saying that I can have an annual subscription for my ticket for public transport, thus saving € 10.- per month.

Free images: Pixabay

Image by William Iven from Pixabay

While there are many web sites offering stock photographs available, Pixabay is insofar unique as its images are free of charge. Especially for blogger who cannot afford to spend money on photographs, Pixabay is a great site. Even a by-line & link are not mandatory although I personally do include them to honor the work of the respective photographer.

P. S.: As I discovered, two other great sites offering free images are Unsplash & Pexels.

Glenn Gould

© Copyright 1987 by Alexander Verlag. Reprinted with permission.

After discovering the above book in 1987, I was really lucky to get permission from Alexander Verlag in Berlin to post the original cover. Photographer is Don Hunstein. Glenn Gould was such a creative person. Not only was he a remarkable pianist, he also made several radio features, such as “The Idea Of North” and others. There’s a really good documentation available on YouTube, entitled “Glenn Gould On The Record”. The main reason why I’m posting this is, I admire creativity in any form.

In English, this book is available as “Conversations With Glenn Gould” by Jonathan Cott.

Copyright questions

Via Little Fears, I discovered the article “Blogging and Copyright” by Ashley Peterson. Copyright. I am really trying to only post stuff copyrighted by others when I have cleared the rights. Right now, I have sent several inquiries regarding copyrighted material via email. Yet, I do have somewhat of a bad conscience, even if I know that it’s not justified. Imho, the present regulation regarding copyrighted material on the internet is not satisfactory. As a blogger, one is always (?) in the danger of being sued. Ok, so far this has not happend to me, but it could happen.